Saturday, February 27, 2010


Yes, once again I have been delinquent in posting! I have to post our adventures in Georgia and will do that soon, I promise! In addition, we've spent a couple weeks in Florida, but will you believe it, I didn't take a single pic while I was there?! Well ok I took a couple at Disney World, but other than that, Trent and I both felt that Florida was somewhat of a bust. If I wanted to go to New Jersey, I would've gone there!! And it's true what they say, you can take the person out of NJ, but you can't take the NJ out of the person. How's that for Florida? j/k!

No really it wasn't horrible, but it also was nothing to write home about. Maybe I will post about Disney World. But the weather was iffy- hit 80 maybe once but was overall in the 50-60s and overcast. Visually, they have interesting foliage in FL, but other than that nothing too stimulating. And finally, the overall consensus of the people there = weird. They are odd. There were certainly some normal folk there, but I think that because everyone there is from different places, it makes for an odd melange of individuals.

Am I being too harsh? But honest at least, right? On a good note, Trent saw 2 armadillos today in FL- one alive, one dead, on different locales on the highway. I was jealous because I missed both due to playing on my dumb iPhone. So that redeems FL a little!!

Anyways, for the next few days we are in Mississippi, Gulfport to be exact. And I am in love, it is really remarkable. I should definitely have some photos from here, it's truly cool, just how I envision the true beautiful south. And on Monday we are day-tripping it to New Orleans!! Can I really be this lucky?!

So yea, more to come!

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  1. I've always thought that FL was an extension of NY, NJ, PA & CT. :)